Bed And Bike is a quiet home away from home and offers the perfect way to see the city we know and love. Each room comes with bikes that allow you to explore Louisville at a slower pace while not having to try to find parking. But, you dont have to take a bike to enjoy the city! A lot of great pleaces to visit  and dine are only footsteps away from your room.  The rooms are your santuary when you're ready for some quiet time. Cozy without all the clutter. the rooms are designed for relaxing in mind. 



We are Sarah and Ben, owners of Bed and Bike and Parkside Bikes, both local businesses in Louisville Kentucky.  When we aren't busy running our two businesses we love to bike, have outdoor adventures with our two kids, and travel!  Traveling has always been important to us and it was our love for travel that led us to open Bed and Bike.  While traveling we started to become more and more aware of what we found made an experience unforgettable.  Forming relationships, feeling like wherever you may be staying during your travel truly care about the quality of your stay, having a guidebook and curated list of must-see places.  All of these things we have worked hard to incorporate into Bed and Bike.  Now that we are parents we have new perspective on travel and different ideas on what makes and experience outstanding.    So whether you are traveling solo, with a significant other of with the entire family we are here to make your stay in Louisville one you will never forget.



Ben and Sarah wanted to create a place in the heart of Louisville that would be the perfect point of departure for exploring. After owning and operating 3 Bicycle shops in the city, they were able to transform an old, forgotten building in to a modern hotel. During their own travels, Ben and Sarah wished they could have easier access to bicycles in the places they stayed since it can be a great way to get arond that is Earth friendly and economical.